Take Me or Leaf Me (TMOLM)

The product of a week-long internal game jam at Lumi Interactive, titled Take Me or Leaf Me: A Kinder World Dating Sim. Meet Monstera, Pilea, Pink Princess, and Dragon Tail! Who will you choose? (To play the game, click here!)

(BG art, UI design, and character art done by Cindy Xia, writing by Alex Woodward, programming by Kristina Waldt, production by Emily Searles.)

Brainstorm CDA1

Inspired by are Hans Andersen’s The Butterfly, the characters below from top to bottom row are my takes on Butterfly, Marguerite, and Lady Mint.

El Toro the Bull for the Moulton Museum

Artwork of El Toro the Bull, a friendly cowboy (literally) and mascot of the Moulton Museum down in Laguna Hills, California. Art direction provided by Daniel Adoff and Austin Haynes of Dyno Creative.

El Toro flexing his bicep, his signature pose!

Expression sheet for El Toro

Pose sheet for El Toro

Behind the Scenes

Select artwork showcasing the process of designing El Toro, including rough sketches, color roughs, and posing styles.

Rough sketches for El Toro’s expressions and signature pose

Linework for El Toro’s pose sheet

Thumbnails for El Toro’s initial design

Color roughs for El Toro

2nd round of color roughs, specifically for his fur/hide